New Attack on Darfur

February 11, 2008

Air strikes over the weekend by the Sudanese military sent 12,000 refugees from Darfur fleeing across the border to neighboring Chad. Men on horses and camels, apparently janjaweed, burned and pillaged the villages, killing 200. The Darfur rebels, target of the attacks, say they were not in the villages at the time.

The refugees join the 400,000 already camped in Chad, an increasingly volatile area since the rebels there recently attacked the capital city. They accused President Idriss Dby of corruption and embezzling millions in oil revenue.

The Sudanese military continue to ignore the U. N. resolutions that forbid military flights over the region. It has been a year since the U. N. and African Union began a new effort to find a political settlement for Darfur. The violence escalates and again the innocents are left terrified and destitute.

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