Land for New Multi-Purpose Center


Beny Ngor Chol has recently returned from 3 months in Africa where he looked for land to build the projected Multi-Purpose Center for the disabled of Southern Sudan. He met with the Land Commissioner and a Land Title Official in Juba, the largest city in the South. He told them of the plan, sponsored by the Lost Boys Face Foundation. They offered to GIVE land near Juba to locate the Center if the non-profit Foundation could raise the funds to build and staff it.


At Overland Park Unity Church in Kansas, Beny and Ayuel Leek (along with Barbara Youree) first told the good news and explained their vision to help the disabled and vulnerable people of Southern Sudan. For more on the project, click on Lost Boys Make a Difference under Archives in the right side bar.

To contribute to this amazing project by Lost Boys of Sudan, who after having endured years of hardship, are not bitter, but only want to help those less fortunate than themselves: Go to Lost Boys Face Foundation and click on contact us.

For questions about this project: email Barbara Youree at

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