Voters Celebrate in Juba

In Juba Justice Chan Reec Madut, head of the southern bureau of the Referendum Commission, read aloud the results of the Referendum vote, both for unity and for succession from the ten states in Southern Sudan. He then announced: “The vote for separation was 99.57 percent.” Six of the ten states scored 99.9 percent in favor of secession. The lowest percent for secession, 95.5, came from Western Bahr al-Ghazal state, which borders Darfur. Voters in the south came out in incredible numbers—99 percent of those registered to vote!

Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil, head of the Commission, then read the tallies from southern Sudanese voting in the north and in the eight countries of the Diaspora, which showed a similar result. The official totals will be announced in about two weeks.

The announcement was met with gleeful cheers and dancing in the streets.

By all indications and according to international poll observers the voting was free, fair, and credible.

The amazing participation by the voters and the absence of fraud and violence make this referendum a model for countries around the world to follow. Congratulations, South Sudan!

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  1. Maeve Maddox says:

    Wow! Can you imagine 99% of registered U.S. voters coming out to vote?

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