Beny and Ayuel

Beny tries to get home to Panrieng in Unity State:

Note: This is an email I received from Beny Ngor Chol, co-author and subject of Courageous Journey. —Barbara Youree

Currently I am in Nairobi, Kenya. I am supposed to reach home but things are falling apart in Unity State, particularly in my hometown Panrieng. The Sudan government is bombing the civilian residents. As we speak, many people are being displaced in Unity State and in

Sudan map. Unity State lies just to the right of Abyei

the Nuba mountains. The displaced population are devastated because they have nothing to eat. This morning I called home ( Panrieng county) and I heard the bomb sound over the telephone. The war is escalating in these areas: the Unity State and Nuba mountains, and therefore, immediate intervention is needed. Please pass this word on. Sudan is likely going back to war because of the evil acts of the northern government.

Ayuel, also co-author and subject of C.J. comments on Abyei:

(Ayuel Leek Deng posted to Save Abyei  on Facebook)
Did people of Abyei living along the border feel that their interests are considered? Can there be an effective border management and an inclusive border creation process? I think if the Abyei border is created as war zones rather than considering the rights of Abyei’s people then we’re not at peace. Otherwise the forthcoming independence day celebration on July-9-2011 will be meaningless. I wish Dr. Garang was alive……….By: Ayuel Leek Deng.

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  1. Jamie Zak says:

    I can’t believe what this reading says, war is still at large in a country that should have learned from their past, it’s unbelieveable. God Please Help Us All!

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