Sometimes we look through a single window at one of the world’s many tragedies and are touched so deeply we are forever changed. That happened to me when I met several of the Lost Boys of Sudan—as they were called—and heard their incredible story. I became a mentor to three of them who came as refugees in 2001 to Kansas City, Missouri.

I knew Sudan was in Africa, but I had not been aware of the civil war between the North and the South in which more than two million Sudanese had died and even more displaced. The war was still raging at that time. Since I never miss a news cycle and am especially interested in global situations, I was shocked to learn that thousands of displaced children had walked for months across Sudan’s barren land, menaced by starvation, disease, wild animals, and shrapnel from their own government’s helicopter fire. The world community made little effort to relieve their suffering. Though the peace accord was signed in 2005, a similar crisis has now erupted in Darfur. Fortunately, this situation is receiving media coverage.

Ayuel Leek Deng and Beny Ngor Chol tell their story in the book, Courageous Journey, Walking the Lost Boys’ Path from the Sudan to America, that came out in September 2008. The purpose of the book as well as this BLOG is to spread the word about the crisis in Sudan, thus heightening awareness and concern of the plight of those caught in it. For more on the book, click on COURAGEOUS JOURNEY.

My goal is to provide a place where displaced Sudanese may post their stories and concerns. Also, anyone interested in this topic may send in questions or share activities that are helping Sudan and its citizens.

Write to me in the COMMENTS box or email me at byouree1@cox.net
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  1. JoAnn Sparacino says:

    I would like to be in contact with Ayuel and Beny. I have just finished your book which touched on many things I learned from Lost Boys and Southern Sudanese in Kenya when I lived there between 2001-2007. As an American, I have also worked for short terms as a consultant in Southern Sudan. I admire you both tremendously and hope to return to Southern Sudan to help the people there.

  2. Deng Chuol Malang says:

    Dear Barbara.
    I am deeply touched because of your humanity.Since time memorial we as a people have never ever tasted what humanity is all about.You are the conduit.
    Back at home here in the Sudan before the CPA,I have been working with these Lost Boys Face Foundation School in Natinga a place our late Dr.John Garang used as his tactical HQs.
    Ayuel Leek(Monykuer) is my cousin and I would want to be in-touch with him if you can only conect us.
    Thanh you and God bless you.

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